Passenger Service Agent / JFK airport

Students will represent the airline at JFK

We at Pasona N A, Inc. are seeking candidates to work for a major Japanese airline as a Passenger Service Agent. As a Passenger Service Agent, students will directly assist thousands of passengers who step into the airport with dreams and goals every day at the airport. Passenger Service Agents provide extraordinary customer service with a smile and kindness, as the representative of the airline at the check-in counter.

Raise your skill level thorough real-life hands-on training

Thorough training will be provided by the airline to navigate your career in the aviation industry. This position is ideal for candidates who have majored in a related field. The training will include; basic airline etiquette, industry specific terms / jargon, and excellent customer service. Of course, candidates who have prior experience are welcome to apply as well. This major airline is one of the leaders in the area of aviation etiquette and quality of customer service in the world. This is an excellent chance for individuals interested in entering or continuing in this field as they will be trained by the very best.

Accepts students pursuing Optional Practical Training

An obstacle for International students graduating from Universities / Colleges is finding a company that accepts OPT for students. However, this position not only accepts but embraces International Students who are pursuing OPT. We also provide support for students who are seeking employment after their OPT expires. If you are interested in the aviation industry or are learning about excellent customer service, this position is for you! We look forward to your application!

Passenger Service

Position: Passenger Service Agent
Location: JFK International Airport, New York or Chicago O’Hare International Airport
Main Duties:

To assist passengers during pre-departure and post-arrival operations as well as handling services for passengers at the check-in counter, lounge, and terminal at the JFK International Airport, New York or the Chicago O’Hare International Airports

  • Passionate about customer service
  • Candidates must be Japanese/English or Chinese/English or Korean/English Bilingual Authorized to work in the U.S. (OPT included)
  • OPT students graduated with a degree in Hospitality, Airline, Tourism related major will get priority in consideration, other majors may be considered