Temp To Perm


With the "Temp To Perm" system, you will start working as a temp first, based on the assumption that the position may switch to permanent status if both you and the employer agree to do so after a certain length of time. This system gives you the opportunity to evaluate whether the job duties and working environment are what you are looking for. In this way, you can minimize the risk of finding yourself in the "wrong job".

Advatages Of Temp To Perm

You can fully understand the company and job duties before accepting permanent employment.

While working as a temp, you will have the chance to see if the job is really what you want to do, if the job matches your skills, or if you like the company culture and atmosphere. Even if you lack some of the skills required for a permanent position with the company, Pasona’s recruiting specialists will try to negotiate with the client to support your goal to become a permanent employee.

1. Registration For Temp To Perm

When registering, mention that you prefer to work under the Temp To Perm System . Pasona's recruiting will take note of your preferred working conditions

2. Introduction Of Jobs

We will refer you the best job to suit your career plan

3. Commencement Of Work Under Temp To Perm System

Pasona's recruiting specialist and sales rep will provide complete support to you while you are working with your client.

4. Confirmation Of Request For Permanent Employement

While working as a temp, pasona will confirm our client's intention to hire you on permanent basis or not, communicate all hiring condition to you and confirm your intention.

5. Working As A Permanent Employee

Based on Mutual Agreement *, you will receive a written employement offer from the employer upon completion of Temp to Perm work period. By making the most of the skills and experience you gained while temping, you can now be a important asset to your employer.

* If there is no mutual agreement, the contact may be extended as as Temp, or the Temp to Perm arrangement may be cancelled

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