The Pasona Advantage

The Pasona Advantage

Global Network

Pasona has the #1 network among all recruiting companies that focus on Japanese business. As well as jobs in North America, we can introduce you to jobs from our global offices. We have job openings in industry's leading companies and joint venture operations. You can find work in your preferred industry and with your preferred company.

Job Search Partner

Pasona does not just introduce you to jobs, but also assists you with resume preparation, provides you with career consultation and follow up support after you start working. As your Job Search Partner, Pasona offers you comprehensive overall career solutions. Our well-experienced recruiting specialists are always here to help you.

Jobs To Match Your Career Goals

There are many different types of employment arrangements. Temp positions with flexible working hours, full time positions with fringe benefits and Temp To Perm positions with opportunities to evaluate the job, while gaining experience. Everyone has different goals and different dream jobs. Pasona can help find the best match for you.

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