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Profit margins can be very small in a competitive manufacturing industry. Using Pasona to outsource your CAD work to their Vietnam office can greatly reduce your product design and costs.


Our US consultants will bridge the gap between you and Asia. They will remove the frustration of not understanding or not being understood.


Product design needs to fluctuate, making resource management a headache. Pasona allows you to outsource your CAD, which provides flexibility without compromising quality, cost or time.


Profit margins can be very small in a competitive manufacturing industry. Using Pasona to outsource your CAD work can greatly reduce your product design costs.


Pasona has been providing CAD outsourcing to companies in Japan for over a decade. Their customers demand the level of skill and experience that can meet Japanese standards.


Past Projects

Car Parts

Project Scope

  • Convert 2D drawings of auto parts to 3D models
  • Reverse engineering
  • Meshing


Project Scope

  • Trained Vietnamese university students with specific requirements from the client
  • Hired graduates in Pasona Vietnam to provide CAD design for the client


Project Scope

  • Supported setting up their Vietnam operation
  • Trained new hires
  • 2D drawing of piping and wiring


Project Scope

  • Convert 2D solar panel clamp drawing to 3D modeling


Project Scope

  • Created a 3D model out of 2D drawing for the sales presentation purpose


Project Scope

  • Created 2D drawings for manufacturing by the actual sprinkler parts


Our international TEAM ensures our customers in North America have excellent communication and customer service because of our US based Sales Consultants, cost savings because of our highly skilled Engineers working in Vietnam, and superior quality and security because the entire TEAM is part of Pasona Japan’s global network.

Pasona Japan's global network.

Edward Hayward

Kreg Braunberger
Engineering Consultant

Hiroki Nakano
Project Manager

Cao Minh Nhat

Pricing Plans


We can provide short term CAD support to help meet a deadline, make last minute design changes, etc.

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We can provide longer term CAD support to temporarily increase your product design resources without needing to increase your employee headcount.

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Long term

If you want product design resources available when you need them we can have those resources waiting for you, ready to go for a monthly fee.

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