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Leo Sakamoto

Business Development ‐ Supervisor

Joined Pasona N A, Inc. in 2017 after working at a specialized trading company and a travel agency.
He worked to help Japanese companies make headway in the New York area after joining the company. From 2019, he was appointed as manager of the northeast area of the U.S., focusing on New York and New Jersey.

Leo Sakamoto

I decided to join the company thinking that being able to meet with clients who worked in a wide variety of fields might help me grow.

I’ve worked in finance in the past as well as in sales. What attracted me to this position was the opportunity to help Japanese companies succeed in the U.S. along with the opportunity to broaden my international experience by working with a global company like Pasona. It’s exciting for me to meet with clients and hear directly from them about their needs so I can try to find solutions for them.

Working as a partner with our clients who are building their businesses here in the US, I’m able to provide solutions and make contributions to the development of Japanese business success in North America.

As the world changes, the needs of our clients grow more diverse. It’s not enough for us to try to meet those needs as a vendor. We need to work hand in hand with our clients to help them understand the issues they are facing, then work together to find solutions. Sometimes we start out just providing payroll process outsourcing. However, as we continue to support them, they often find they need our expertise in filling temp and permanent position or other services. Ideally, we become a point of total support for our clients. We try to anticipate what needs they will have in the future so we can proactively recommend solutions or preventative measures. We believe this is the definition of being a partner. As clients grow to trust us, we are able to provide advice or recommend experts to help them to achieve the success they are seeking. It’s so rewarding for me to be able to serve my clients from a variety of fields, meeting with HR Mangers, Presidents and other leaders. I feel like working hard to help my clients grow leads to my own personal growth, the growth of Pasona N A, Inc and the growth of the Japanese business community here in North America.

I’m able to take part in a wide variety of work I wouldn’t be able to experience at other companies. I feel like each experience benefits me personally.

Since I started working here time has really flown by. I’ve had to learn to respond to my client’s situations with the urgency that they feel. Every year that I’ve been here I’ve been given new roles with increased responsibilities which keeps me completely absorbed in the work. The positive work environment allows me to develop new skills and do things I could never have done before. The needs of our clients are constantly changing, which means the solutions we need to provide are also changing. To keep up with these changes we are always making adjustments internally. This requires a high level of creativity and innovation, which I find very exciting. I’ve been involved in many cross-division projects which allowed me to learn about the functions of other areas of the company. Pasona employees are encouraged to proactively make contributions to the development and continuous improvement to not only their own departments, but the company as a whole. So, as the manager of the northeast area of the US, I’m supporting the team that covers that area, but I also contribute directly to the direction of the entire company.

Being allowed to move forward with my own ability is what I find appealing about Pasona. It’s an incredibly fun work environment for people who work with initiative.

Many projects get started because employees have a critical mind, a need to improve or start something new, a desire to turn an idea into a plan and take the initiative to share that plan. Pasona has created an environment where employees feel motivated, not just to complete the tasks they’ve been given, but to grow and achieve their own potential. This environment is created by the support managers give for new ideas, and because coworkers have an attitude of collaboration.

*This interview was done in March, 2020. The employee’s affiliation and position are as they were at the time of the interview.

Staffing – Executive Recruiter

To people, finding employment is one of the major turning points in many people’s lives. Finding employment or changing professions is a means towards accomplishing a goal for many job seekers, and I want to support them in that pursuit.

Project Management Office – Director

My job is to keep projects moving and on schedule. I’m involved in many interesting and diverse activities. My job is always exciting and never boring.