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Recruiting Services


Pasona's strength is in facilitating corporate globalization for our clients. Providing full or customized recruitment services and sourcing vital international professionals for overseas operations.

Recruiting Services

For Japanese Abroad,
we are
NO. 1 Recruiter

Our business support services for overseas operations began in the 1980's. We provide specialized HR services based on our client's needs.

We find the best Candidates for your openings with our
Large Applicant Pool

Our pool of 67,000 applicants is experienced in many industries and fields. We source the best people, based on location, language and tasks.

We can respond quickly and take action using our Global Network

Our international network allows us to recruit globally. We have the ability to conduct timely and thorough searches using our extensive database.

Full Time Placement

A dedicated Sales Representative and Recruiter will listen to your request and will introduce the best matching candidates for the position.

With our strong recruitment and consultation methodology, our trained recruiting specialists can introduce experienced staff with expertise in various industries and disciplines.

Our service Advantage

1. Reduce Your Workload

We'll take care of all of the hiring process legwork, such as providing company and job information, arranging interviews and communicating job status updates.

2. Cut Recruitment Costs

In our contingency-based service model, we only charge clients when we make a successful placement and there are no up front fee charges.

3. Avoid Hiring The Wrong Staff

An assigned sales representative and recruiter will consult with the client to analyze the job requirements and find the best matched candidates for the role.

4. Wider Access To The Right Candidates

The Pasona Group total recruiting services allows the client to select applicants liberally from a broad range of professions and industries.

Service Flow

Detailed services are provided through our systematic recruiting system.


Temporary Staffing

Pasona can provide temporary staff for any industry and any job type. Among our "skilled, experienced and ready to work "temporary staff, clients can choose "how many" of our staff they need for "how long" and only "while they need" the services. That is our style of Temporary Staffing Service. For example, this service is very useful when clients need to fill in unexpected absences and during peak seasons or short-term projects. It also helps avoid risks related to strict employment standards requirements.


Pasona temporary staff have expertise in various job disciplines (ex. Administrative Assistant, Engineering Specialists and Interpreter/Translators), with experience levels ranging from new grad to advance experienced staff. Our well-experienced temporary staff are Work-Ready. Our temporary staff can be utilized as Floaters for peak seasons and short-term projects. Zero obligation for employer expenses such as recruiting fees, workman's compensation and unemployment insurance. No payroll administration costs such as fridge benefits. Our highly motivated temporary staff will energize your workplace.

Service Flow Of Temporary Staffing

Job Order From min. 4 hours per day to long-term assignments, Pasona can accommodate the required number of staff for the required length of term.
Requirement Analysis Assigned sales representative analyzes required skills, experience and work environment.
Candidate Selection Find the best matching candidate based on talent, competency and requirement.
Sign Contract Finalize contracts for temporary staffing between client and Pasona, as well as between staff and Pasona.
Start Working Communicate on how temporary staff is doing on assignment and report monthly.

How Pasona temporary staffing is different

Update Staff's Skills
Large Applicant Pool

To upgrade temporary staff member skills, Pasona provides our "Pasona Learning Program" for those who have worked for a certain period of time. Through this program, staff learns not only new skills, but also increase practical experience at client site.

Online Timesheets and eFax

Clients can approve staff's weekly timesheets on-line. For clients with no access to on-line timesheets, we provide eFax technology. This enables digital filing, which eliminates the chance of loss of timesheets or of receiving unreadable timesheets.


Pasona enforces compliance within our temporary staffing services. We offer the Pasona Temp Staff Package, consisting of 12 documents, such as Employment Standards information, Temp Staff Terms & Conditions and Confidentiality agreements.

Hiring Rookies

Through our support, such as student networking events and work permit/VISA application advice, Pasona helps in the recruitment of current graduates and job seekers with limited industry experience. Feel the energy of rookies! Pasona has three types of service to fit client needs when hiring current new graduates or job seekers with limited industry experience.


Direct permanent hiring of current grads and entry-level job-seekers

Experienced recruiter advises on requirements for work-permit VISA sponsorship and referral of immigration lawyers.


Hire for a fixed period during peak times and for special projects.

Take advantage of rookies' excellent information technology skills, for example, on a project basis.


Hire for an open period with option to switch to permanent.

Verify staff's ability and fit on a temporary basis and then switch to full-time employment when suitable.

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