Business Process Re-engineering

Make your business even stronger by simplifying and optimizing your back office business

The environment and issues that surround businesses

The global economy is growing in complexity due to advancements in technology and trends for economic liberalization.
In order to stay competitive, companies need to address dynamic competitive requirements of ever-changing market demands by allocating resources effectively.

Issues facing companies

  • Inadequate business back-up systems
  • Needlessly excessive processes
  • Excessive labor costs
  • Lack of organizational transparency
  • Overburdened workforce

What does Pasona offer?

Pasona can offer clients solutions and strategies to drastically improve performance and efficiency.

This knowledge comes from handling the outsourcing of talent acquisition, human resources, accounting and payroll processing from over 300 companies. Our consultation services include business model optimization, strategies for energizing employees by aligning company culture and company’s mission and core values, and gap analysis between desired performance and productivity.

Revamp existing infrastructure
by instituting document control
procedures as well as establishing
a support structure in order to
augment employee competency

Stabilize and optimize
processes by implementing 
IT Systems, hiring talents,
or outsourcing

Reduce cost by
identifying underlying
challenges and risks

Promote business stability and 
further establish the platform
for business expansion by cultivating
a robust management team

Establish clear business
processes and
enhance decision making

Our solutions

Our Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) model seeks to reimagine and redesign existing workflow in order to augment and support a company’s core mission. Furthermore, we provide consulting services specializing in back office operations (non-client facing and personnel functions) by applying the know-how acquired over decades and hundreds of client experiences.

Applicable Business Decisions

  • Project goal establishment
  • Decisions on consulting-applicable business and who will be put in charge
  • Project design document creation, etc.

Situation ascertainment / Analysis

  • Data collection / Business analysis
  • Business process visualization
  • Creation of business flow diagram (As-Is)
  • Clarification of each business’s role
  • Decisions on order of importance for issues
  • Establishment of improvement goals
  • Business manual creation, etc.


  • Planning of To-Be business process
  • Creation of new business flow diagram
  • Analysis of gap between present and To-Be
  • Plan implementation formation
  • Creation of implementation plandraft, etc.


  • Plan implementation
  • Introduction of external resources
  • System installation
  • Evaluation and re-implementation
  • Outsourcing service
  • Talent introduction / Dispatch service, etc.

*This is in the case of full-service.
*We’ll respond flexibly, adjusting phases and changing deliverables per customer request.

If you have any inquiries about our Workforce Solutions, please contact us.

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