Business Process Outsourcing

Raise your ability to compete by outsourcing non-core business

The environment and issues that surround businesses

As competition between businesses in the global marketplace increases, it becomes more and more difficult to give your company a competitive edge. In this highly competitive landscape, one strategy that has become popular is improving efficacy by focusing on their core business.

Issues facing companies

  • Sudden Retirement
  • Lack of skills and/or experience in employees
  • Inadequate understanding of federal and state laws and regulations
  • Cross culture miscommunication between Japan and America
  • Lack of organizational transparency

What does Pasona offer?

We help to further strengthen our partners by outsourcing non-core business so a company can focus limited resources on core business.

Reduce the risk of sudden retirement

Improve efficiency of business processes

Optimize and standardize business processes

Create a backup system
to increase stability
and continuity

Continually improve business using knowledge gained from over 300 businesses across the US

Our solutions


Payroll processing / Attendance management

Our staff has a wealth of experience and a thorough understanding, not just of payroll processing systems, but also of the laws and regulations on a national and state level. This allows us to offer optimal payroll processing and accurate data.

Business related to payroll processing for local staff

  • Payroll processing for local staff for exempt and non-exempt employees

Business related to payroll processing for expatriate

  • Payroll coordination that adheres to regulations for overseas postings (NET amount confirmation)
  • Payroll processing
  • Tax return support service

Payroll / Attendance management system support

  • Payroll processing system installation support
  • Expatriates management system installation support (AGAVE installation support)

Payroll Processing Service Flow

Payroll Processing Service Flow


We align our services with your needs, from daily entry business performed by accounting professionals well-versed in US accounting practices, to monthly and yearly settlements, to consolidated settlements for the Japanese head office.

General Accounting

  • Accounts Receivable Management
  • Accounts Payable Management / Processing
  • Account Balance Confirmation
  • Fixed Asset Register Management

Monthly / Annual Closing

  • Report Creation Preparation for Japan Head-Office
  • Consolidated Financial Statement Creation Preparation
  • Financial Statement Creation

Expense Calculation Process

  • Expense Settlement Processing Service
  • Expense Calculation System Installation / Support

Accounting Business Service Flow

Accounting Business Service Flow

Human resources / Employee benefits (Insurance / Benefits)

We offer solutions that will meet a wide variety of needs related to human resources such as management for each kind of insurance and paid time off, as well as acting as an agent in administrating business related to employee benefits.

HR Administration

  • New Hire Onboarding Process
  • Employee Resignation Process
  • PTO / Paid Vacation Tracking

Benefit Administration (Medical, Dental, Vision, and Life)

  • Benefit Administration Service
  • Benefit Enrollment / Withdrawal Operation
  • Change Plan / Announce Open Enrollment
  • Create Census Report
  • Check Insurance Bills

401K Administration

  • New Hire Enrollment Process
  • Contribution Withdrawal Process
  • Change Contribution Plan
  • Process Employee Contribution and Company Matching
  • 401K Seminar for Employee
  • Create Census Report

Pasona employee benefit business outsourcing example

  • New hire onboarding process, Employee resignation process
  • Insurance – management of benefits for medical, dental, vision and life insurance
  • 401k enrollment change procedure
  • Paid time off / Sick leave management

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