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Job Search Tips

PASONA Airport Program

Work in NY at the JFK International Airport Terminal. This is a very popular job for freshers who have just graduated, who wish to work in the United States for one year.


Job Search Tips

Create a resume

There are many options to choose from and they are designed to appeal to potential employers. Just hightlight the template that suits your needs and get started.


Job Search Tips

Find a job that suits you

At Pasona we focus on you. We want to find a job that satisfies you. Choose from a roster of over 2000 companies.


You are responsible for your company

Hiring Information

Get informed about the labor and legal laws in America. Consult us at Pasona to get the latest information about hiring in the USA


You are responsible for your company

Corporate Strategy Services

Use our rich knowledge and case studies about services and implementation processes corresponding to the various concerns of a company.


News from Pasona

Job Openings at Pasona

We are looking for talented individuals to join our team. Our current openings are for Sales Representative, Recruiter, Payroll Manager and Accountant



Pasona N A New Website

Pasona N A opened the renewed website. Please enjoy the enhanced functions.


Summer Internship Oppurtunities

Summer Internship Opportunity in Japan! : Pasona International Exchange Program 2015


Pasona Internship Program

Pasona Internship Program in Japan for summer 2014! Sing up to work in USA, Cannada or Mexico


Pasona Group Expo

Find work that is tailored to each to your lifestyle, Pasona Group will guide you through a lot of work styles and work oppurtunities.

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